When we moved to our current house about 3 years ago, I was so excited to have a pantry! FINALLY! No more agonizing over which cabinets would be for canned goods and which would be for dishes. No more having to store excess food items in the basement because there wasn’t enough cabinet space. No more cluttered cabinets and top of the fridge. Nope, now we had a full walk-in pantry! That was one of the most important things to have in a new kitchen for me, especially with young kiddos.

Over the last couple of years, this pantry has been rearranged a dozen times. Items have been moved into baskets, bins, containers, different shelves, etc. The pantry has needed some TLC every couple of weeks after the kids and hubby wreak havoc on it- not putting things away in the right spot or not putting things away at all (and I admit…I do it sometimes too, especially after a big Costco trip!)

I still haven’t found the perfect system, and maybe I never will, but, I have figured out several things* that make it manageable and neat! Check them out below.

1. Clear Compartment Lazy Susan
This mDesign lazy susan has been PERFECT for my girls. I can put a decent amount of various snacks in this, and then my girls can easily grab what sounds good. No more heavy baskets falling on their feet and the floor. No more spilled snacks. No more complaining because they can’t see what snacks we have. This lazy susan could even be placed on the counter without looking too cluttered. It has held up well, and I’ll probably be purchasing more for other items!

You can find the mDesign 2-pack lazy susan on Amazon here for $29.99.

2. Stackable Spice Rack
We actually keep our spices in the cabinet next to the stove, however, some of you don’t have the cabinet space for that! Hubby came home from Target after spending wayyyy too much money (it’s not just us, ladies!). While unloading the bags, he pulled out this Spicy Shelf Deluxe. Yep, the one you see on TV. I couldn’t help but laugh at first because he was super excited about it. After we got it set up, I will never go back to life without it! Not only are my spices all accessible, I still have room below for other things like cooking oils, vinegars, and cooking wine. This has become one of the best additions to our kitchen organizational tools.

You can find the Spicy Shelf Deluxe on Amazon here for $27.99.

3. Clear Bins & Baskets
As a mom, I always find myself picking up baskets and bins when I’m out places (TJ Maxx and Target are usually my favorites). Not only do they serve a great purpose, but you can also use them in almost every room of your house! For the kitchen, I love finding good deals on clear plastic bins. These make pantry organization as easy as can be. Things are accessible and visible at a glance. You can keep better track of your pantry items (and avoid overbuying things you already have!), and it helps with meal planning since you can see what you have on hand.

mDesign makes some great stackable bins for a reasonable price. They have several different styles to fit your needs, too!

You can find the mDesign plastic bins here:
mDesign 4-pack Stackable Cube Bins for $34.99
mDesign 4-pack Shallow Bins for $25.99
mDesign 6-pack 10″ Stackable Bins for $29.99

4. Labels, Labels, and Labels
Labels will be your best friend when it comes to organizing your pantry. It prevents confusion with similar looking items, and you are able to create a uniform look throughout your pantry. Eventually, I’d love to color coordinate my labels too. Until then, simple labels do the trick! Depending on how customized you want to get, you can find plenty of options from Amazon and Etsy. Amazon will have your basic ingredient labels, while Etsy can provide you with completely custom labels for every item you have! Keep in mind, Etsy will carry a more expensive price tag than Amazon. If you plan on switching containers frequently for ingredients, I would avoid custom labels unless you go the chalkboard route.

You can find my favorite Amazon pantry labels here for $9.99.
You can find my favorite Amazon spice jar labels here for $14.95.
You can find my favorite Etsy pantry labels here for $1.89+ each.
You can find my favorite Etsy spice jar labels here for $12.00+.

5. Additional Shelving
If you already have shelving in your pantry, you may be wondering how you can fit even more shelves. Expandable or stacking shelves can give you so much additional storage space in your pantry! They allow you to stack more cans, food boxes, jars, etc without much work at all! Instead of only being able to fit 4 boxes of mac and cheese, you can now double or triple that amount. SimpleHousewares makes some nice silver or bronze options.

You can find my favorite pantry shelves here for $15.87.

6. Hooks for Reusable Items
My family has been trying to make more of an effort to eliminate unnecessary plastic whenever possible. It isn’t easy, especially with little kiddos but we’ve been trying! One of my new favorite items is reusable produce bags. They take a little more thought so you don’t forget them on your way to the store, and they obviously won’t come in handy for bulk shopping at places like Costco (where everything is already packaged). This is where the hooks come in! I make sure to use those awesome 3M hooks to place them right inside the pantry. I see them constantly and they are right in front of our grocery list. I also use hooks for various things like reusable bags and aprons. Hooks keep those things out of the way, but still accessible!

You can find the reusable produce bags on Amazon here for $13.97.
You can find the 3M medium hooks on Amazon here for $6.18.

7. Clear Containers
OXO makes awesome clear containers that are also air-tight. Perfect for flours, sugars, and other items sensitive to moisture. Plus, they are super easy for kiddos to open and close! They may seem pricey up front, but, they last a long time, and if you have slight pantry OCD like me, they make everything uniform and visible. You can always find various sizes for exactly what you need. If you’re just starting out, the variety pack is probably your best bet since it has several sizes.

You can find my favorite OXO 10-piece Container Set on Amazon here for $98.99.
You can find my favorite OXO 5-piece Container Set on Amazon here for $49.95.

Most items mentioned in this post can be found below*.

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