About This Crunchy Mama


We’re a pretty typical family :) My husband, Stephen, and I have been together for almost 9 years (married for almost 4). We are parents to our amazing girls, Lillian (3 years old) and Lauren (5 months old) and our furbaby, Buddy.

I am originally from the Midwest (northern Ohio) and I’m an only child. My family moved to Kauai, Hawaii after my  sophomore year of high school. I graduated high school on Kauai and then made my way over to Oahu to start my degree at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Throughout my time there, I met my amazing husband.  Stephen is originally from a small town in Pennsylvania and was stationed in HI in the Marines. Long story short, my degree program was cut and I was left with no degree and the only options I had were change my program or transfer. My husband and I were both in school at this point. We both applied to the University of Northern Colorado and were accepted. We sold our furniture and some other things we didn’t need and packed up the rest of our stuff into USPS flat-rate boxes! We shipped about 70 boxes to Colorado. We rented a house sight unseen and hoped for the best since the convenience of it being 2 blocks from campus couldn’t be beat. The first few months were a little rocky all around. But, we made it and it has brought us to this amazing place we are at now.

We’re now married, homeowners, and parents. We have both gotten comfortable in our faith with Jesus and try to go to church regularly. It has definitely brought us closer as a couple and a family. Although difficult sometimes, life has been good to us and we feel blessed by that.

We’re excited for this journey and hopefully we can help others along the way.

Thanks for following us! :)