Renovation on the Cheap #4- The Finale

After a long few months (and a few ‘hiccups’ along the way), we are FINALLY done with our Renovation on the Cheap! Our house is now under contract and we are so excited to be continuing on this adventure! Now that the lower level is finished, our house feels completely different- in a good way! […]

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Fun Halloween Treats!

Halloween-time is full of sugary sweets and not-so-healthy snacks! I have SUCH a sweet tooth, but, I am trying to limit my daughter’s sugar intake, even on holidays! Moderation is key, but, that rule is typically ignored during Halloween! Did you know that 4% of all candy eaten in the U.S. occurs on Halloween night, making the […]

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DIY Cleaning Slime

I know when I was little, I loved slime, silly putty, and other fun textures. Our amazing guest blogger, Edna, has a great slime recipe, but, it’s not just any slime! It’s CLEANING slime! Plus, you can have your kids help you :) Check out the recipes below and read about this awesome time saver! […]

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DIY Diaper Pail Fresheners

Babies are stinky. Toddlers are stinky. Diaper pails are SUPER STINKY. I’ll be honest…I usually “forget” to take out the diaper pail trash and then lovingly ask my husband when he gets home- “Babe, I totally forgot! Can you take out Lil’s trash for me? Thanks! Love you!” Horrible, I know. Imposing that horrendous stink […]

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DIY Spider Repellent

I hate spiders. Simple as that. This summer, we’ve had more spiders than ever. Not only are commercial bug sprays/killers full of scary chemicals, they’re expensive! I wanted a safe alternative that wouldn’t harm my kiddo or pooch, but, I wanted it to be effective too! I found an awesome DIY spidey repellent from LifeHacker. It […]

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