End of the Summer Canning & Cooking

We have had a wonderful summer here in Colorado. A little hot throughout, but, we’ve lucked out with decent weather and tons of sunshine! Sunshine is always a good thing, right!? Since our homestead plans changed drastically (just a little home renovation, no biggie right?), our planned garden was a no-show this year and we’re […]

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DIY Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes are a staple in our household. We use them pretty much every day! However, I can never use the store-bought ones anymore because the chemicals just kill my skin. Plus, why would I want to be using those chemicals all over when I have a small kiddo in the house? DIY Cleaning Wipes […]

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DIY Dish Soap

Washing dishes is one of my least favorite chores around the house (besides folding laundry!). With kids, I’m pretty sure the dirty dishes double…maybe triple. Even as a toddler, my girl goes through way too many cups and bowls to count. I sometimes think we have a dirty dish troll who steals and hides the […]

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DIY Room Spray

Sometimes our house can get a little stale smelling, especially during the colder months when the house is all closed up, all the time! I love using candles, but, with my rambunctious toddler running around, using them safely isn’t always doable!  Room sprays are a great alternative when your house needs a little pick-me-up during […]

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DIY Glass Cleaner

Toddlers. One thing they are OUTSTANDING at is making your windows and sliding glass doors look like you own ten St. Bernards. I am constantly wiping the slider down…like, It’s a pointless task really, because I know that the streaks, smudges, half-chewed food particles, and finger prints will be back tomorrow, if not sooner. However, […]

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