DIY Toilet Cleaners

Cleaning my bathroom has become a much higher priority now that our toddler is determined to open and touch EVERYTHING. The last thing I want is for her to be touching funky germs and gunk in the bathroom when I turn away for 1.3464 seconds. Toddlers…they are quick little ninjas! The biggest culprit of undesirable […]

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DIY Carpet Cleaner Spray

When we bought our current home, it was a HUD foreclosure at a great price. The carpets were far from stain-free, but, not terrible. Now that we have a toddler…well, let’s just say I’m pretty sure there is a spot on the carpet from every meal she has ever eaten. Add a pooch into the […]

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Household Renovation on the Cheap Blog Series!

Renovations. Remodeling. Upgrading. Household renovation¬†always sounds a little daunting and A LOT expensive. When we purchased our home a couple years ago, we snagged a GREAT deal. It was a HUD foreclosure listed at $95,000. We couldn’t believe it, especially when we were able to buy it on ONE PART-TIME INCOME. Yes. You read that […]

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DIY Fabric Softener- Cheap & Easy!

In our effort to simplify our household, I’ve started making a lot of our own cleaning and household products! One of my favorites so far is the homemade fabric softener! Before finding this “recipe”, I would typically use dryer sheets (sometimes liquid softener). Not only do dryer sheets create more unnecessary waste for your household, […]

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