Thoughts Some People Have Towards Breastfeeding

So since becoming a new mom, I never thought I would face such impractical and ignorant ideas when it comes to nursing. It’s 2014 and you’d think by now, breastfeeding would have a whole new view, but, nope. Not even close. Disclaimer- I’d also like to say that before you read this, understand it’s not meant […]

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The dreaded “T” word…

TEETHING. I think it is the most despised, feared, and exhausting part of raising a kiddo. Did I mention despised? I did? Well I will say it again- DESPISED. You know, starting out after labor and delivery, I was CONVINCED I was going to die of exhaustion with this new, tiny, adorable, and needy little […]

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What we’re all about.

Simplify. Simplify our day. Simplify our schedules. Simplify our lives. Isn’t that what we all WANT to do but never ACTUALLY do? It seems so easy to simplify our everyday lives- get rid of things we don’t use or need, cancel cable (because in reality, you probably only watch a handful of channels), get rid of […]

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