Comfort Food For a Rainy Day

Lately, we have been having some super RAINY weather! The upside is our grass seed will hopefully get an awesome start :) On rainy days like today, all I want to eat is ‘comfort food’, but, we all know that comfort food isn’t too nice to our waistlines! One of my favorite comfort foods is […]

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Dear New Mama…Let’s Have a Chit-Chat

Becoming a mom is a whole bag of mixed emotions (whether you want to admit that or not). You’re excited, anxious, terrified, happy, sad, panicked, overjoyed. Those two pink lines throw your mind into overload as you think about every possible thing you will experience and learn on this new journey. It doesn’t need to be as scary as you might think. In reality, it can be a time of enjoyment and excitement without all the unneeded stress.

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The Vulnerable Mom

This is a much more personal piece for me. Being vulnerable is difficult for so many people. I think vulnerability when you’re a mom is even harder to give in to. As a mom, you are naturally programmed to be a strong pillar for your kids and family. If something happens, your kids look to […]

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The Reasons Behind Toddler Meltdowns

We’ve all been there…doing anything you can to make your kiddo happy when they’re in a ‘mood’. In our house, we find all sorts of ridiculous things to distract our girl from what she’s really upset about…nothing. Yep, that’s the reason behind most meltdowns- nothing. Oh, and these meltdowns? The ‘tude goes from ‘happy go […]

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