Next time you go to whip up a new recipe, consider getting your little ones involved. Chances are they are curious about what goes on in the kitchen. Cooking with your kids is an opportunity to engage their senses, develop motor skills, and build hand-eye coordination. Plus, the quality time is just an added bonus.

Start out with a simple recipe like chocolate chip cookies then graduate to a more difficult recipe as your kids start to master the steps. Steps like washing the fruit or veggies, measuring ingredients, and pouring items into the bowl are easy for kids to start out with. Keep in mind that safety should be the top priority when you cook with your kids. From food safety to handling appliances, there is a lot to remember and teach your little ones. They should learn proper food handling and safety from the beginning so they can grow to be a masterful cook.

For an easy reference, Kitchen Cabinet Kings put together a helpful and adorable kitchen safety checklist. Run through it with your little ones to build healthy habits in your culinary space or simply print it out to hang on your fridge. Your kids will gradually grow to become an adventurous eater and build lifelong habits in the kitchen that they will take with them as they grow older.