Welcome to our Week 1 Challenge!

This week, we are tackling the Home Office Space. I refer to this space as “The Heart of the Home” because it is the space you need to manage things like mortgages, rent, utilities, insurance, taxes, income, expenses, and other crucial documents. I strongly believe that every home needs some kind of dedicated office space. This space doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole separate room either. Many families do not have an extra bedroom that can be used solely as an office. Get creative! Pinterest has a ton of ideas for small office spaces that leave you organized without sacrificing your space.

My husband pays the bills in our front bedroom which we have dedicated as the office. I’ll be honest…that space is NOT working. Functionally or organizationally. Our filing system is flawed and we need to rearrange to help the room flow better.

Yikes…the before

As I mentioned in the last post, when we moved in, we were solely focused on getting our stuff from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately, organization and functionality took a backseat. Because of that, we are now seeing how unorganized we are a year later! It makes a big difference in how your home functions. Ask my mom- she is amazing at organizing and our house drives her crazy! ha!

So…shall we get started?!

P.S. If you have decided you want access to our printables for this challenge, contact us! These will help you tremendously throughout the challenge!

1.) Make a game plan. Do you have a dedicated space to file documents (i.e. desk with attached file drawer, stand alone file cabinet, plastic file folder totes, etc)? Do you have the basics of a home office (i.e. desk, comfy chair, computer/laptop, writing utensils, scissors, tabs, sticky notes, etc.)? Assess what you have and what you need to have a completely functional office space. If you are having trouble getting creative, check out Pinterest!

2.) Work on one task at a time. It is extremely easy to jump around while trying to declutter and organize. Unfortunately, this just turns the mess into an even bigger mess. Then, we get discouraged and overwhelmed. Feeling this way leaves us feeling unmotivated and not wanting to finish the job or feeling like we CAN’T finish the job. Pick one task to start with, such as, going through your paperwork. Separate your paperwork into piles like keep/file, throw away, shred, etc. Once you have your paperwork sorted, follow through with filing it, throwing it away, or shredding it. Continue moving through your tasks in this organized fashion.

A give away/sell bin

3.) Organize before moving. By this, I mean organize everything that will be staying in your office space before arranging the furniture and space itself. If you have things in your office space that do not belong, get them out and find a more functional home for them (or if there are things you don’t want or need, donate, sell, or toss them!)

4.) Once you feel like you have a handle on everything (paperwork sorted through and filed, excess office supplies stored, etc.), move on to deciding how you’d like to arrange your space. Think functional and comfortable. If you are not able to comfortably work in your space, it’s going to affect your concentration and mood. Distraction while trying to pay bills or send emails is bound to result in some mistakes. 

5.) Now that you’ve got your space arranged, it’s time to set it up. Make sure you have a space for new bills that come in so you don’t forget about them. Keep some pens, highlighters, permanent markers, scissors, and pencils handy (either on your desk in a cup or in your drawer). A stapler and tape dispenser are necessities too. Keep additional supplies in a nearby drawer for easy access. Have a space for any other paperwork that may end up on your desk to avoid clutter. Having a calendar in view is extremely important too!

Way too many things in the drawer- this needs to be cleared out!

6.) Decorate! Having a space that makes you happy is so important. Hang photos that inspire and motivate you. Get some fun desk organization pieces to keep you motivated to stay decluttered (I love Target’s office stuff)! If you have space for a comfy chair, toss a nice throw blanket and pillow on it (a perfect space to take a break and read a book). Make the space YOURS. 

 The end result… 


Where is your office space? Does it need some work!? Tell us about it below :)

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