January 26, 2015

*I won the following products in a giveaway, however, the reviews are my honest thoughts and opinions!* I have included links for the companies and products where applicable! :)

The Vintage Honey Shop Nursing Necklace
Company: The Vintage Honey Shop

I am a fan of anything that I can wear to distract my girl while nursing! She is so handsy and I constantly have her hands in my face and mouth while she nurses- it drives you crazy after a while!

I was a lucky winner of a nursing necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop through a giveaway hosted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk! I was so excited to win something from this awesome company!

When I received the necklace, I fell in LOVE with their packaging, first and foremost! It was so girly and dainty! I loved all the small touches that Melissa and Jennifer add to their packages. I was more than excited to open it up to find my necklace. The necklace is adorable and so easy to wear! It can be paired with so many different outfits that I have.

When I wore it the first time, my girl was drawn to it! She immediately wanted to play with it, which was great. There was a huge difference in how focused my girl was when she nursed and could play with the necklace simultaneously. It also helped ME relax because I wasn’t dodging her little fingers the whole time! She still tries here and there to shove the necklace into my mouth, but, overall, it has helped a lot!

I can’t wait to purchase another necklace from Melissa and Jennifer at The Vintage Honey Shop! I will recommend them to all my mama friends (nursing and non-nursing)! Thanks ladies!!

Bessie’s Best Laction Cookies (Peanut Butter Cookie Squares, Pumpkin Bread, & Granola)
Company: Bessie’s Best Lactation Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies?! I love them- they don’t always love my waistline, but, I love them regardless! J I’m sure most nursing mamas have had some kind of trouble nursing at some point. I know I always worried about my supply, especially when I was still working and pumping. I never responded well to a pump and always looked at the output as a disappointment.

Now that I have an almost 1 year old nursling, I still worry about my supply some days! I won a variety pack of goodies from Bessie’s Best through a giveaway hosted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk. If you haven’t seen the reviews for Bessie’s, check them out because you will have no doubts in ordering from them! They’re amazing and take pride in their product and customers.

I received their Pumpkin Bread, Peanut Butter Cookie Squares, and a bag of the Granola. I’m not gonna lie- I was so excited that I tried all three as soon as I opened the box! All DELICIOUS and made with simple ingredients! I’m a huge stickler for natural ingredients and I love that these goods not only taste good, but, there’s no weird or questionable ingredients in them. My husband approved too- I had to tell him to keep his paws off my boob milk supply goodies! I loved all 3 products and can’t wait to see how my supply reacts to eating these tasty treats. I will have to have some serious restraint so I don’t eat everything in a day! J

Milkies Products- Fairhaven Health

I have wanted a Milkies Milk Saver since my girl was born in February 2014, but, I couldn’t ever justify spending the money on one! Thanks to Breastfeeding Mama Talk, I was lucky enough to not only win a Milk Saver, but also the Milkies Freeze, Milkies Trays, Nipple Balm, and Nursing Blend Vitamin Supplement. Talk about excitement! Let’s talk about the goodies one-by-one!

Milk Saver: This thing is AWESOME! Even though I don’t leak as much as I used to when nursing, I still leak a little. All nursing mamas understand wanting to save every little drop of milk- that stuff is precious! The Milk Saver catches the little amount that I still leak so I can save it and use it for my girl! It’s comfortable and easy to clean which is a huge plus. The Milk Saver makes nursing even more productive now J

Milkies Freeze: Milk storage is always a challenge for me lately. When my girl was first born, I was able to get a huge freezer stash going. I was able to store it all in our deep freezer in boxes which made it super easy! Once I went back to work, my freezer stash quickly dwindled while the little one was at Gramma’s house. Now, when I pump, I haphazardly toss the milk bags in the freezer in no particular order.

Not to fear, the Milkies Freeze is here! This fancy contraption allows you to place your bags of frozen milk in the compartment and it releases the oldest one first! It keeps your liquid gold in order and lets you use up the older gold first. Seriously one of the best things ever!

Milk Trays: These trays are one of my new favorites! Not only does the tray let you freeze milk in a shape that allows you to drop it into a bottle, it also freezes the sticks into 1 ounce portions so you aren’t wasting as much when you thaw it! I know that my mom will thaw a 4 oz. bag of milk for my girl sometimes, and then, she’ll only drink 2 oz. More often than not, that other 2 oz. has to be thrown away- give me a second while I cry a little…Okay, moving on! These are great on space and make thawing milk easy! Mama win!

Nipple Balm: Now that my girl has teeth, nursing can be a little ouchy sometimes. Since my girl was born, I used lanolin cream and it worked alright. Now, the nipple balm from Fairhaven is my new favorite! I like the smell a lot more and it isn’t as ‘sticky’ as lanolin is. I noticed a difference over the last couple days of how my tender boobs aren’t so tender anymore! Definitely a nice change!

Last but not least- Nursing Blend Vitamin Supplement: I took these vitamins the very first day I received them! I have been taking them consistently each day and I have noticed that my boobs get fuller faster than they used to. My girl seems to be eating longer as well. The pills don’t have a weird smell or taste to them which is a huge plus in my book! I’m excited to see what my supply looks like over the next couple weeks!

Thanks again to Kristy at BFMT for such an awesome giveaway! You rock, as always :)