Keeping a clean house is not always the easiest with kids running around. Believe me, I get it! Just ask the dust bunnies living in the corners of my house! 

One of my goals this year is to get  into a better cleaning routine to help alleviate some of the stress that comes along with cleaning house. Also, it frees up more of my time on the weekends and evenings so I can spend it doing things I want to do, like playing with my kids!

If you split your typical cleaning tasks into 6 or 7 days, you accomplish a few things…

1.) Spending less time on the weekend cleaning EVERYTHING

2.) Breaking up all the cleaning that needs to be done into more manageable parts

3.) Getting to spend more time overall with your family or doing the things you love because you aren’t constantly worrying about cleaning

My cleaning schedule will look different than yours and yours will look different than Connie McCleanerson down the street! We all have different things that need to be done to keep our houses tidy and clean.

My weekly cleaning schedule looks like this:

I created an editable PDF version so I can easily add things or make notes if I need to. Once printed, I will laminate it and hang it up somewhere I will see it on a daily basis. If you hang your cleaning schedule somewhere out of sight, you’ll never follow it or remember what you should be doing!

Eventually, I want to create monthly and yearly cleaning schedules also for those cleaning tasks that you don’t do on a daily or weekly basis (i.e. scrubbing baseboards, cleaning out the dryer vent, etc).

Do you have a Cleaning Schedule? Does it make your cleaning easier? Do you have more time to spend doing other things?

Want an editable Weekly Cleaning Schedule of your own? Let me create one for you! :)