Making Food Fun for Your Littles


Kids are weird. Let’s face it. We all know it’s true. Parents know it the best- whether your kid is 2 or 22, they always have some weird quirks. I know that with a toddler, those quirks seem to stand out much more and they usually involve food. My kid will eat 85% of something on her plate, then, make a face and declare “I don’t like this!” Ummm….you just ate almost all of it. I’m pretty sure you liked it that whole time. It’s bizarre.

I’ve found that sometimes you need to mix up the routine as well so they have some fun while eating. The best part- it’s super easy to do! My favorite trick is cookie cutters.

Check out the ideas below thanks to Family Fun!

Make the classic shape into these cheesy owl eyes, or slice each cutout in half and layer over Nutella to make clouds (bottom center). Cut the “petals” like a pie to make raindrops.


A snail makes a great cheese sandwich (we used sliced Colby jack), or flip it the other way for a honeydew whale. Even cooler: Cut out the middle to create a cheese letter A (bottom left).


This shape takes flight as wings for a dragonfly (left) or birdie (right).


Skewers are all the rage on Pinterest, but they can get cumbersome and pokey for pint-size palates. Use smaller, more kid-friendly alternatives, such as reusable food picks, or ice-pop or lollipop sticks, and pair them with some unexpected lunchtime fare!

Stack tortellini on a bamboo pick, snip the tip, and send a side of marinara.

Breakfast for lunch is always a yes! Add waffles and strawberries to a Popsicle stick.


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