After a long few months (and a few ‘hiccups’ along the way), we are FINALLY done with our Renovation on the Cheap! Our house is now under contract and we are so excited to be continuing on this adventure! Now that the lower level is finished, our house feels completely different- in a good way!

The best part?

Our renovation stayed “on the cheap” and we came out at almost $7,500 even! Yep! Under $10k for an entire lower level finish. Granted, the larger the space, the more expensive it could get. Our lower level is about 500 sqft (smaller than our upper level) since it’s a tri-level, but, it feels so much bigger now!

I’ll admit, I had a really hard time visualizing the end result and I was so afraid that it wouldn’t turn out like we planned. Instead, it turned out better than I expected and it looks beautiful! 

Throughout the renovation, we definitely found some products and brands that we ended up loving! 

After the construction phase, the house was SO dusty and dirty, despite our best efforts to keep it cleaned. Keeping the air clean was one of my biggest concerns with our little one.

We went through furnace filters like crazy! The best one we tried was from an awesome service called FilterSnap*. This was perfect for us, because honestly, we are terrible about remembering to replace our furnace filters on time! FilterSnap is great for busy lives because they SEND you your replacement furnace filters! You can choose which size(s) you need, the quality you want (Basic, Standard, Ultimate), how often you receive replacements (every 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 months), and then you just enter your shipping and payment information. Seriously the easiest thing ever and you don’t have to remember to change your filters because you’ll get them physically delivered to your door. This is also great for the winter months when most people are inside 95% of the time- you don’t want stale, allergen filled air blowing throughout your house AND who wants to venture out into the cold, snowy weather to get a furnace filter!?

We noticed a huge difference in the air quality coming through our vents! I think we will definitely utilize FilterSnap once we get into a new house. 

L to R: Basic Filter, Standard Filter, Ultimate Filter

Along with the dusty and dirty air, we had just straight up DUST everywhere. Our counters were constantly filthy and so were the floors. We were going through paper towels like nobody’s business and it was getting expensive! We started using these awesome bamboo reusable paper towels from NatureZway*. The paper towels are super strong and don’t rip like regular paper towels. Also, they can be rinsed out and reused up to 100 times (more or less depending on what you’re using them for). We are able to use these towels on everything from kitchen counters, appliances, bathroom surfaces, floors, dirty toddler faces after dinner (obviously using a clean one!), and tons of other things! Before we could go through a roll of regular paper towels so fast, but, with the reusable ones from NatureZway, we use probably 75% less paper towels! They’re amazing! 

NatureZway also has some great, super absorbent floor wipes! You can use them on your existing sweepers like Swiffer! The wipes can be used dry or wet depending on your preference/situation and they’ll pick up all of those crumbs and dust bunnies! The products are sold online at Target and ReUseIt and in several retail stores.


So, after all of this craziness, we are very ready to move into the next chapter of this adventure!

Check out all the photos below of the renovation from start to finished product! We tried to capture every single step along the way. We loved sharing it with you all!


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