If you missed the story about our renovation, check out our first post below for the details!

 Household Renovation on the Cheap!

To kick off our first series post, we’re going to fill you in on the projects we are working on and planning on doing before listing our house on the market.

Our biggest tip so far is find a realtor you can TRUST and make sure you feel that they have YOUR best interest at heart. We love our realtor and she is not only an established and accomplished realtor, but, one of the most knowledgeable people I have met in regards to the real estate market in general! If you are in Northern Colorado and need a wonderful realtor, look up Jenny Kindsfather with Coldwell Banker and you will not be disappointed!

Now, the reason I started with the realtor point is for this reason:

Before you go all crazy with upgrades and remodeling your home to sell it, have your realtor come by and assess your property. Knowledgeable realtors know the market and will know what comparable homes are selling for along with what features they have. You, of course, want to make your home stand out among the rest, but, you don’t want to go overboard with upgrades and overprice your home. This will most likely turn into a situation of having to reduce your sale price and lose out on lots of money that you put into your home. You do not want to upgrade your home to the point of it being “too nice” for the area and not selling or becoming “stale” on the market.

Before we started on our bigger wishlist projects, we contacted our realtor and she pulled comps before even coming by our home. When she came over later in the week, she had already familiarized herself with other homes nearby that were for sale or had sold recently. She gave us solid input about our project list and what upgrades she felt were necessary and which ones she thought were unnecessary.

So, first rule of thumb- FIND A GREAT REALTOR WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING (even better if you get some solid recommendations from people you trust).

Now, onto our projects and timeline…

  1. Complete the lower level of our tri-level home which will include adding:
    • 2nd bathroom
    • Large 3rd bedroom or family room
      • Walk-in closet
    • Office/den space
      • Small closet
    • Enclosed laundry room
    • Storage closet
    • Plus, the givens such as painting and adding flooring
  2. Landscaping in front yard and backyard
    • Cut down a dying tree in the backyard
  3. Reinforce side fence
  4. Painting and adding shutters to the front of the house
  5. Possibly repainting the house and front door- we aren’t decided on this since our realtor didn’t feel it was necessary, but, we feel the house needs it!
  6. Touching up paint/filling holes on walls
  7. Replacing a piece of trim in the bathroom
  8. Swap out any fixtures that we are planning on taking with us to our next home

Ready for our timeline!?

You may think we are insane (maybe we are!), but, we are planning to start the renovation downstairs at the end of this month and have it completed by the first week of August (give or take a couple days).

Yep. Reading that definitely makes us look insane when we have a ridiculous list of things to do while balancing work and a rambunctious toddler who chooses not to nap lately. Oh. my. goodness.

So there you have it. A quick look into the projects we will be completing before listing our home and jumping into the madness of home showings while trying to keep a routine with your dog and toddler.

Next week, we’ll fill you in on how we are keeping the cost of these projects low, while some are even FREE. If you’re thinking of jumping in the same boat as us, you’ll want to check it out!

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