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DIY Spider Repellent

I hate spiders. Simple as that. This summer, we’ve had more spiders than ever. Not only are commercial bug sprays/killers full of scary chemicals, they’re expensive! I wanted a safe alternative that wouldn’t harm my kiddo or pooch, but, I wanted it to be effective too! I found an awesome DIY spidey repellent from LifeHacker. It […]

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DIY Natural, Disinfecting Cleaning Solutions

  As a semi-crunchy mama, some of my favorite things to find are “recipes” for more natural cleaning supplies. Plus, with our current renovation, we’re trying to save money when we can. Making your own cleaning products has two HUGE perks! One, you know exactly what ingredients are in your cleaning products. Two, they’re cheaper and […]

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DIY Dish Soap

Washing dishes is one of my least favorite chores around the house (besides folding laundry!). With kids, I’m pretty sure the dirty dishes double…maybe triple. Even as a toddler, my girl goes through way too many cups and bowls to count. I sometimes think we have a dirty dish troll who steals and hides the […]

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DIY Room Spray

Sometimes our house can get a little stale smelling, especially during the colder months when the house is all closed up, all the time! I love using candles, but, with my rambunctious toddler running around, using them safely isn’t always doable!  Room sprays are a great alternative when your house needs a little pick-me-up during […]

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