Declutter Challenge: Week 1

Welcome to our Week 1 Challenge!

This week, we are tackling the Home Office Space. I refer to this space as “The Heart of the Home” because it is the space you need to manage things like mortgages, rent, utilities, insurance, taxes, income, expenses, and other crucial documents. I strongly believe that every home needs some kind of dedicated office space. This space doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole separate room either. Many families do not have an extra bedroom that can be used solely as an office. Get creative! Pinterest has a ton of ideas for small office spaces that leave you organized without sacrificing your space.

My husband pays the bills in our front bedroom which we have dedicated as the office. I’ll be honest…that space is NOT working. Functionally or organizationally. Our filing system is flawed and we need to rearrange to help the room flow better.

Yikes…the before

As I mentioned in the last post, when we moved in, we were solely focused on getting our stuff from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately, organization and functionality took a backseat. Because of that, we are now seeing how unorganized we are a year later! It makes a big difference in how your home functions. Ask my mom- she is amazing at organizing and our house drives her crazy! ha!

So…shall we get started?!

P.S. If you have decided you want access to our printables for this challenge, contact us! These will help you tremendously throughout the challenge!

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Household Renovation on the Cheap Blog Series!

Renovations. Remodeling. Upgrading. Household renovation always sounds a little daunting and A LOT expensive.

When we purchased our home a couple years ago, we snagged a GREAT deal. It was a HUD foreclosure listed at $95,000. We couldn’t believe it, especially when we were able to buy it on ONE PART-TIME INCOME. Yes. You read that right. My husband (fiance at the time) was the only one working and he was making a pretty minimal hourly wage. Our offer of $106,500 was accepted (we offered over asking price since HUD foreclosures are typically done in a bidding style so whoever offered the most, got the house and you only got one chance to offer your best) and we moved in, while paying $7 more per month for our mortgage than our previous rent cost us!

We love our little house, but, now that we have our daughter, our sweet little starter home is beginning to get small and we want to be closer to family (even though they’re only 15 minutes away already!).

Our home is a tri-level, but, the lower level was never completed so we are the ones who get to finish it before listing it to sell…terrifying. All we could think about was “How much will this cost!?” ‘Should we just stay and figure it out in few years when we really need more space?” “How are we going to get the money for this!?” “Are we going to have to hire a bunch of expensive contractors?”

Sadly, all of our fears revolved around the money. We knew that if we wanted to sell, we’d need to get this level finished so we could actually get a decent offer. If we didn’t finish it, we’d be here a few more years and that just isn’t what we want.


Thankfully, my family is close by and my parents are fronting us the money (which will be paid back after our house sells). Now, just because WE aren’t paying for this up front, doesn’t mean we want to go crazy and spend $50,000 to finish the lower level! NO WAY! So, we are doing our ‘reno’ on the cheap with a little extra hard work and my amazingly talented dad doing the majority of the work (if you need house projects done, he’s your guy!).

I hope you’ll follow us along this journey over the next couple months so that you can also get some tips and know-how about doing a household project on the cheap! Plus, we’re also going to be documenting other upgrades and projects we’re doing to get our house market-ready!

This will be a great series, especially for our frugal homesteading fans! :)

Have you ever done a home renovation on the cheap? Did you have a budget and stick to it? What tricks did you learn along the way? Tell us below!

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