We’ve all been there…doing anything you can to make your kiddo happy when they’re in a ‘mood’. In our house, we find all sorts of ridiculous things to distract our girl from what she’s really upset about…nothing. Yep, that’s the reason behind most meltdowns- nothing. Oh, and these meltdowns? The ‘tude goes from ‘happy go lucky’ to ‘here’s my evil twin’ in less than a couple seconds. FUN. You’ve seen this transformation. It looks something like this…

Meltdown Progression IMG_20150206_163647464 IMG_20150206_163646902 IMG_20150206_163645715 IMG_20150206_163645093 IMG_20150206_163644563 IMG_20150206_163644037 IMG_20150206_163643444 IMG_20150206_163642969 IMG_20150206_163642437 IMG_20150206_163641844 IMG_20150206_163641315 Meltdown Progression

If you’re anything like me, you try to mentally document each occurrence while trying not to laugh hysterically at the grump faces being created by this tiny little human. What a simple life she has when one of her only upsets is not being able to put her own sock on yet. Can I go back and live in that time!? I will trade in my grown-up responsibilities and bills any day to have the simple life of a toddler.


I’ve started keeping track of the ridiculous reasons that result in a meltdown lately. Prepare to be amused :)

  • Daddy threw a boob pad at her and it landed on her head- torture, I know…
  • She can’t put her sock on by herself
  • We closed the baby gate to stairs- ya know, since we don’t want her falling or anything
  • She can’t reach the salad spinner
  • We tell her not to lick the fridge
  • We tell her not to rip apart her flip books- I mean, why would we want to keep those?
  • The dog takes his ball back after she hands it to him- since it’s his after all…
  • She throws the toy she’s playing with out of the pack’n’play but immediately wants it back- how dare we not know that!
  • She shoves her food away, but, gets upset when we put it in the fridge- it’s cool, I like spoiled food too.
  • I tell her not to pull on my earrings, noses, lips, eyelashes, and hair- silly me, how superficial for me to want to keep all those things intact
  • She bites me when nursing and I tell her ouch- why would I want to keep that nipple anyways?
  • She can’t give the dog a treat EVERY time he comes inside- we don’t need any more diets in this house kiddo!
  • We tell her not to bite on the freezer handle- we’d like for her to keep those chompers that took 10 months to acquire
  • Her movie ends- won’t be the first kiddo.
  • She can’t have the wasabi mayo with her fish (side note- finally gave in and gave her some and she LOVED it- yay baby led weaning!)
  • We take our coats off and she can’t zip them over and over anymore
  • We ask her if she’s ready to get out of the bath tub- I like soaking in freezing cold water too!
  • I put the wrong colored block on the stack- how dare I not be able to read her mind!?
  • I won’t let her grab my laptop- how silly of me to not want her to delete the stuff I’ve been working on for days!
  • She sees the buttons on her sweater- sorry kid, you’re going to see a lot of buttons in your life!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…I’ve just recently started keeping track of these ridiculous meltdowns. It sure does help me keep a good attitude when the meltdowns happen though! It will be a great day to reminisce about her ridiculousness when she’s a teenager :)

What crazy things do your kiddos have meltdowns over!? Tell me in the comments- I’d love to hear about them!