After finishing Part One of our yard transformation, we couldn’t wait to start on Part Two- expanding our patio area with pavers. The existing patio that was put in was SO TINY. Basically, our grill fit and nothing else. Not very conducive to spending time outdoors in the hot Colorado summers with kiddos and a dog. We needed enough space for our grill, table and chairs, and whatever summer toys we had. 

Let’s just say the project was a little more labor intensive than the husband anticipated. The project was quickly started, but, once day-to-day life stepped in, our progress slowed down. Plus, we underestimated how many pavers we would need to complete the expansion! 

Days came and went, and then, it was time for us to head to Pennsylvania to visit my husband’s family. We had an awesome vacation and when we came home, my amazing Dad had finished the patio for us! It turned out even better than we had imagined. It was definitely worth the expense, and now, we have plenty of space for our table set, grill, and plenty of other things!

Since we ended up not keeping the greatest record of our costs with this project (oops!), I’d say we spent a little under $1k. I know that seems like a lot, and honestly, it kind of is! However, there are many ways to bring the cost down such as choosing less expensive pavers. Plus, with spending a little extra than we wanted, we were able to create something that will last for a long time versus something we will constantly need to fix and redo over the years. We also splurged on the final sand we used in between- you sweep it in between your pavers, spray it down with water, and then it hardens. This helps with keeping the pavers in place, preventing weeds from growing up in between, and it creates a uniform look across the patio. It made a huge difference! Once we finished the patio expansion, we added some little lights around it and it was a perfect finishing touch. At some point, we’d love to figure out some kind of covering for over the patio so we can dodge the sun when we want ;)

Are you planning any big projects for this spring or summer?

We’d love to hear about them!













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