We’ve had this blog for awhile now, since 2015 after our first daughter was born. The blog started as a distraction for me, Dorian, as a new mom with horrible PPD (postpartum depression) and simply trying to figure out our new life as parents! We knew we wanted to follow the more “crunchy” route of parenting when it came to food, health, and everything in between, but, as we all know…everything we say we won’t do as parents and everything we say we will do as parents goes awry. Crunchy on the Weekend was thought of by my husband, Stephen, and the name just stuck. We definitely weren’t “full-time crunchy”…more “part-time crunchy” to be honest so the name made sense to us.

We welcomed our second daughter in 2016 and life got 10x busier between kids, jobs, a dog, a house, you name it. The usual. The blog slowly lost momentum and I lost the energy to maintain it. Believe it or not, keeping up with a blog is way more work than you would ever expect. We have partnered with some fantastic (and some well-known) companies in the past and we would love to get back into those spaces when the time is right.

We currently live in northern Pennsylvania in a tiny rural town. We have our families close by and can’t wait to see how the next few years unfold with our plans and God’s plans. We hit a big hosting snafu a few months ago during our move and we lost EVERYTHING on this blog. To say we were heartbroken is putting it lightly, but, we figured that we have a big clean slate to start over with! We’re excited to be back on this journey and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

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