Diaper Bag Must-Haves!

DIAPERS. This is definitely one of the most important things to remember to pack. With a newborn, we went through A LOT of diapers. It never failed that our girl would have a massive poop while we were out and about somewhere.

Wipes- never underestimate the amount of wipes you’ll need. We always carried more than we thought we needed because not only are they necessary for diaper changes, you can use them for quick clean-ups, sticky hands, scrubbing minor stains out of clothes, etc. It’s worth a little extra weight in the bag to have enough wipes!

Changing Pad- this is a necessity for us. I’m not a total germophobe or anything, but, public places are dirty. Simple as that. By using a portable changing pad, I always have a nice protective layer between the grimy public changing table and my kiddo. Most of these changing pads fold up super small so you can just tuck them away when you’re done. Don’t forget to wipe them down frequently!

Daddy Caddy

Kandoo Wipes

Germbloc Spray/Hand Cream


Mommy Cards- these are a somewhat new concept for today’s mamas. These are basically business cards for moms. You can hand them out to fellow mamas at playdates, parks, group outings, etc. and they include your basic contact info so you can either get the kids together again or get some coffee together! You can get some super cute ones from various sites like Vistaprint, TinyPrints, etc.


“Butt Cream”- or if you want to be proper, diaper cream 🙂 from day 1, we have always slathered on a nice layer of the Equate version of Aquaphor on our girl’s tush. She’s never had diaper rash (besides the one time she wore swim diapers and the time she had a stomach bug and was pottying non-stop). To this day, at almost 2 years old, she still gets a nice layer of butt cream at each changing!

Germ X Wipes (or any other brand you prefer)

Light Blanket


Extra boob pads if you’re nursing


Diaper bags for soiled diapers

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